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After five year from the triple disaster of March 2011 anger and hope are the two prevailing feelings among the people met in the northeastern coasts of Japan. While most part of the northern region pulverised by the tsunami is in an intense rebuilding process that is completely re-shaping its identity, inhabitants of the Fukushima area are still facing the radioactive crisis and struggling to return to their previous life. Some citizens who decided to stay in their hometowns, closer to the Fukushima Daiichi power plant have set up organizations where they conduct independent radioactivity measurements. In the entire damaged coast memories of the victims is alive and people still search for the remaining of their beloved.

Uncertainty for the future is tempered by personal initiatives from many survivors in their attempt to make new lives without losing pieces of their past.

The Crowdfunding

The project raised €2,874, 114% funded, thanks to 69 backers. Her below are their names as they appear in Kickstarter:
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